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ATF Machine in useDo you drive an automatic car?

Automatic Gearboxes


This garage is equipped with the latest automatic transmission fluid exchanger (ATF Machine)

Automatic gearboxes

Majority of manufacturers recommend changing the ATF fluid on automatic gearboxes every 40,000 miles.

Automatic gearboxes can be expensive to repair if they have not been maintained as required, this leads to mechanical faults developing within the intricate gearing system equipped on modern vehicles.

ATF MachineSymptoms that indicate if you require an oil change include:

  • Rough gear change during acceleration
  • Slow or delayed gearshifts
  • Difficult to move from Park to Drive / Reverse
  • Noisy gear changes or loud transmission running noise
  • An increase in transmission vibrations felt inside the cabin

Unlike traditional emptying methods by draining from the sump plug, The ATF machine will run a flushing detergent through the gearbox and exchange 100% of the total oil capacity!

Most garages including main dealers do not have the equipment required to perform a 100% fluid exchange. This garage has invested in this technology to make this possible.

After a successful ATF oil service you will notice the below improvements:

  • Smoother gear change
  • Reduced transmission noise
  • Easier gear selection
  • Reduced transmission vibrations
  • Faster up shift during acceleration

Please contact a member of staff at this garage for any of your automatic transmission oil service enquiries.